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Sienna’s Scratch Projects


Scratch is an online coding website that allows you to make/code lots of different games. Once you have finished coding a game you can then  publish and share it, so that other people can play your game.

Algorithms are precise sequences, so if you put a piece of code into the wrong place your whole game could go wrong.

Debugging is finding out what is wrong in an algorithm and fixing the problem in the code. I had to debug a lot of my code as it did not go well all the time. We always got told it is not the computer it is you.

I think I did well as my cars were able to make it round the track and then back to the beginning for another round.

I could definitely improve on making the background a bit more attractive and eye catching.

I really enjoyed using Scratch this term and I feel like I am now more confident on coding and could make more complex games in the future.


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Elephants can have fun to! by Sienna D

elephant in dubai

I created a elephant on a waterslide. I used Photoshop to make this piece of work. In Photoshop I used the magic wand tool, eraser and layers.

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