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Sarah Ws scratch project

what is scratch?

scratch is a great programming website that anyone can use. On scratch you can code your own games or play other peoples games that they have created.

what are algorithms?

algorithms are bits of code that you use to make your characters move about the space on the screen.

what is debugging and when did you do it?

debugging is when a piece of code keeps on glitching  because you have gone wrong while coding and to make it right you have to correct it by putting in the right piece of code. I had to debug my ball because i did not put in the right code and did not realize so i had to go back to the instructions and figure out what i had done.

what did you do well?

i think my pong game went well because i completed it in not a very long time and it worked  fine and i did not have to do much debugging.

what could you improve on?

i could of added different colors to my game when i had finished because i had plenty of time to do so and i could of made the paddles different and make it look more modern.

did you like using scratch?

i enjoyed using scratch and found it very cool to play i like the fact that it is easy and that you can make so many games and  there is also a wide selection of characters that have different positions so you can pick your favorite one.


Sarah watmough scratch projects

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