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Sabrina’s scratch projects

Reflection on scratch programming:

What is Scratch?

Scratch is website to help kids in school, like KINGS, to do code. You can make games and play games that other people made or maybe your own game.

What are Algorithms?

Algorithms are small bits of code that are used to make things move on the screen.

What is Debugging and when did you do it>

Debugging is when there is a mistake in the piece of code and you fix it, I had to debug many things in my code like in the race car game, it wont move properly, so i still have to debug the code.

What did you do well?

I think i done the game with 2 players very well because i fixed the code and it works like an actual game.

What could i improve on?

I think i can improve on ┬áthe car racing game because it’s ┬ástill work in progress.

Did you like using Scratch?

I did like using scratch because it helped me improve my Computing skills.

100 WC Challenge by sabrina

One cold winter night I went to watch T.V and, I heard the door bell ring but when I went to open the door there was know one! After 2 hours I heard it again but I didn’t open it ,then there was I cold breeze from the window and it made me shiver. I went to have a look if the window was open but it wasn’t! I was freaked out and I ran up to my mums and dads room but they weren’t there! So I called them and they didn’t pick up but, they normally do I was so scared!! Then I went in my room and I saw a ……….

A Guide to Janada

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