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Sienna and Poppy’s Fashion magazine

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Poppy’s Scratch Projects


Scratch is a fun and interactive coding website. It teaches children to code while having fun. Also, I think that I learn better when I’m having fun.

Algorithms are sequences that make it so if you do something in the wrong order it won’t work. This makes the coding more difficult to get something perfect. Also, if you put in milk before you put in the tea bag and hot water it will not make tea!

Debugging is when you get something wrong and then you fix it. I have had to do it many times but mostly with help as I did not understand it. I did it when my car would not move, so then I fixed it and it worked for a bit.

I made my cars go round track quite well and I think that even though my games are simple I think I do pretty well in them.

I could improve on making my my cars go where they should be at the beginning of the game because one of my cars just refused to go back to the beginning at some points. Also, I got it to work for a few goes but then it stopped working again.

I really enjoyed working on Scratch but I just loved the fact that I was learning at the same time as creating a game!


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T-Rex gone surfing! Poppy W


T-Rex gone surfing! Poppy Walker
I did a T-Rex on a surfboard which I think is quite unusual because the T-Rex (when they were alive) were land animals. The thing that gave me inspiration to do this was the dinosaur from another picture and I decided to put it on water so then I decided to put him on a surfboard. Firstly I saved a picture of some water. After that I got a picture of a T-Rex and after all that I got the surfboard in. Then I moved around the surfboard and the T-Rex so I could make it look like it was riding a surfboard down a wave. Lastly I saved it as a JPEG and after that I printed it out.


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