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Morgan’s scratch projects

What is scratch?

Scratch is an online programming website ware you can make+view  fun games and animation.

What are  algorithms?

Algorithms are lines of code or instructions which tell the sprite what to do.

What is debugging and when did I do it?

Debugging is about finding what it wrong and  fixing it. I debugged my pong game a lot and still  did not find all the bugs and I am currently debugging my tank battle.

What did I do well?

I think I did especially well on my butterfly shooter so it has a you loose and you win screen.

What could I improve on?

I think I could improve on finding bugs and fixing them as I ran out of time trying to find the bugs in my pong game( if you play it I would recommend playing as p1 🙂 )


I  liked using scratch as it is a fun way to lean code and make games.

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