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Isabel’s Scratch Projects

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a site where you can code anything you want. This term we have used it to code our own games.

What are Algorithms?

Algorithms are a  process or set of rules to be followed

What is Debugging?

If there is a bug (if something goes wrong with your code) you have to debug it.  To do that you need to find out what is going wrong and fix it.

What Went Well?

My Car Racing game went really well and I enjoyed testing it out.  Catch the Balloon worked but it wasn’t that challenging.

What I could improve?

On the Catch the Balloon game I could have added more cars to make my game more challenging and made all of the sprites in the game a bit smaller.

Was Scratch good?

I found Scratch fun and challenging. I learned a lot about coding and I learned how to make a Game Over screen which I can use in other games.

No Wi-Fi here – Isabel P

apple in jungle

Firstly I saved a picture of a jungle. After that I made another layer then I copied an image of some apple devices and used the magic wand tool to get rid of most of the background. Then I used the rubber tool to rub out the background that the magic wand tool didn’t pick up. Finally I used free transform to make the apple devices look the right size then I placed the image back onto the jungle background.

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