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100 Word Challenge By Inara Shivji

There was man who fell into the Atlantic Ocean.He dropped like a stone and screamed “Why am I doing this?”.Luckily he fell onto a boat.He was so relieved he was  jumping up and down. He exclaimed”It made me shiver when I was falling of that cliff into the ocean,”. The fisherman called the police but the people who threw that man off the cliff tried to run away.They forgot the way they came up to the top of the cliff.  The police found a way to reach the top of the mountain. The people (who through the man off the cliff) were sent to court.

100 Word Competition – By Inara, Y4

It was a scorching, hot day and I was going to a fantastic party.  Nearly everyone, that I had invited was coming except one person.When everybody arrived, I was so happy that I got all the presents I wanted. Everybody eat really quickly because they were eager to eat the cake. Mum was so shocked at how long it took for us to eat our lunch. The cake came and it was disaster but it made my tongue tingle.  The reason it was a disaster, because there was icing everywhere and you could see the plain cake underneath.Why did mum  have to do the cake so messily?


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