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Inara and Isabelle’s sports magazine

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George games

Scratch is were you make animations and video games by using code blocks,they are simple but you have to use them right or the game wont work, also in scratch you can post the games you have made. and play games that other people have made,and like them too.

algorithm is what you tell the computer to do and it will do it so if you say move ten steps on sprite 1 then it will move ten steps.

debugging is when there is a problem in the game it an be a big problem or a small problem in the code and you fix it. one time when i did this is when i  when i was making my helicopter game the helicopter was not changing costume and i had to fix it because it was really bugging me so i did hide costume and it worked the helicopter crashed! i did well on the movement of the helicopter and controlling it however, i need to add more cave for the heli copter and i think that will improve the game,also the animations of the helicopter crashing could improve.i like using scratch it is fun and it leads to your imaginatio of what you can do.

Teni’s scratch project

What is scratch?

Scratch is a website for people to learn how to create games and also teaches people how to use codes and to debug.

What are algorithms?

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed codes or other problems(usually used with computers).

What is debugging and when did you do it?

debugging is when you’ve done something wrong in your code and then you correct it.I debugged when my parrots couldn’t disappear.

What did you do well?

I think my shooting parrots went really well because I wasn’t expecting it too actually work but it did.

What could you improve on?

I could improve by actually making the clock WORK.

Did you like using scratch?

Yes,I did like using scratch.

Abhay’s scratch project

what is scratch?

scratch is a coding website where you can make and view games made by different people. scratch allows you to code but you must get it right, otherwise your game will not work.

what are algorithms?

algorithms are sequences of code  that can make your character move around, make you win points and make win or lose

what is debugging and when did we do it

debugging is when you correct your mistakes in a algorithm.  we would do it every time we were finished with a certain part of our code.

what did I do well?

i think i did well with making my game so that 2 players can play and making the change of when a car goes of the track, the sprite will change its costume to an exploding car.

I could improve on …

I could improve on making my cars a bit more better looking and my cars turning ability is a bit rusty

Do I like scratch?

I really enjoyed using scratch and I hope I can use it in the future because it has helped me learn how to code. Scratch is a really  fun way of learning how to code . I do not really feel like I am in a lesson.

Ethan’s Scratch projects

Please enjoy my games! Sorry for any silly mistakes or bugs, if there are, leave it in the comment section and I will do my best to fix it!

What is scratch?

Scratch is a fun programming website that is used to make fun animations and games with no holds barred. It’s a new fun world of activities and coding and tasks.

What are algorithms?

Algorithms are sequences of code that make games, animations etc.

What is debugging?

Debugging is simply fixing code. For example, you want the monkey on the screen to run around in  circles, but instead he run in a straight line. Obviously, there is a bug in the code witch must be fixed. It is always in a certain part of a code.

What did I do well?

I believe that customized the sprites well and did a lot of debugging. I certainly spent a LIFE TIME on making the backdrop ” Fancy “.

What could be better…

I think that if I spent more time concentrating, I would have finished my game. Also I had to spend less time customizing the sprites and more on debugging and coding my game. I should have made better adjustments to the game instead of talking to the person next to me  or worrying that my game wouldn’t be good enough.

Do I like Scratch?

YES. definitely. The program made me look at coding from a WHOLE NEW  perspective. I found it really fun and it made me feel like I was just at home making games and not in an I.C.T lesson.


my scratch game

What is Scratch?

scratch is an amazing website and app where you get to create video games and you can upload them to the website.

What are algorithms?

algorithms are pieces of code which control your game

What is debugging and when did you do it?

debugging is when you have your game but a part of it has stopped working so you have to take the bug out of your code

What did you do well?
i think that I did the car well and how it moves

What could you improve on?
I think I could work on a ending screen and a starting screen and also a score and another car to make it multiplayer

Did you like using Scratch?

yes i love using scratch and i think it is a very good website and i like how you can make games and animations on it and i also like how you can upload them to the website

Reflections on Scratch Programming

What is Scratch?

What are algorithms?

What is debugging and when did you do it?

What did you do well?

What could you improve on?

Did you like using Scratch?

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Oliver’s scratch project

Scratch is a program  which you can use to make games ,you make scripts to do this .

Algorithms  that have the wrong commands do not work so you have to debug them to make them work properly . debugging is when an algorithm goes wrong and you have to fix it by  replacing the code or adjusting it .

I think that I made quite a good game which involves shooting parrots.I added a start button and made a variable which controls how many shots you have

I can work on making a proper start screen instead of a random button in the  middle and I could make the game a bit more challenging.

I enjoy scratch a lot because you can make whatever you want.

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Adeolu’s Projects

Scratch is a programme which you can do anything you want with a script. There are algorithms which you do not get right. The algorithms are the ways you code your piece of work with. Debugging means solving a script that is not right or finding errors. I used debugging when something does not go the way I want it to. I used loads of code to make my car and my bat game work. I created my own sprite and imported other sprites from the internet. I could improve on my artwork. I could think outside the box more. Yes I liked using scratch because you can use so many different codes which do different things.

jamie’s project

what is scratch? Scratch is a coding website mainly used for making your own game, any type of game that depends on what type of game you want to make.

what is an Algorithm? An algorithm is making a step and rules for your character/object.

what is debugging and when did you do it? Debugging is when you have to find and fix an error I had to debug my car because it was moving but when i wanted it to turn it stopped, then turned.

what did you do well? I think that i did well at debugging because i had to do it quite a lot and it barely took me any time.

what could you improve at? I want to improve by learning how to use variables.

Did you like using Scratch? Yes because it lets you pick your own character by creating it or choosing it. Also you get to choose your background.

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