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Geckzilla by Georgek

new geckoI used Photoshop to make this gecko or as I call geckzilla because it is big compered to the island. And found fun to make.

Sky Insect by Inigo B

stick insect inhyper spaceI really thought this was an inspiring   project.  It was fun using all of the cool tools in Photoshop. I wish to do something like this again. I used the magic wand tool and the rubber.

Disco puppy-NatashaG

puppy in disco

I used photo shop and pasted pictures and then ad layers . I deleted all the background of the puppy. I think it was good and I like it.

the battle of Hoth but with a massive ant- by Harry S

at at attackto start I used a picture of an AT-AT on Hoth and gradually added the fireball,Bugatti and the ant. I thought the idea of an AT-AT being attacked by an ant would be funny because it would never happen but if it did  the ant would never happen


Desert maniac by Teni o

This is a picture of my desert maniac on the picture it has a rabbit , desert , carrot , car , giraffe hope you like it.

desert maniac


Poachers are coming! By Inara S

I used Photoshop to do my picture. I used layers and the magic wand tool. I also used Google Chrome to copy and paste images. I love tigers so I co-operated onto this image.

Tiger in heaven 2

Pop Kitty- Jemima.P

This is my cat and Taylor Swift Photoshop picture. I thought it was really fun creating this Photoshop. I used layers  to make this picture come together really easily. I also used Google to get my pictures. I really liked the way it came out. I chose these pictures because I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT AND CATS. 🙂tacat

T-Rex gone surfing! Poppy W


T-Rex gone surfing! Poppy Walker
I did a T-Rex on a surfboard which I think is quite unusual because the T-Rex (when they were alive) were land animals. The thing that gave me inspiration to do this was the dinosaur from another picture and I decided to put it on water so then I decided to put him on a surfboard. Firstly I saved a picture of some water. After that I got a picture of a T-Rex and after all that I got the surfboard in. Then I moved around the surfboard and the T-Rex so I could make it look like it was riding a surfboard down a wave. Lastly I saved it as a JPEG and after that I printed it out.


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Change Climate! – Sabrina D

photoshop starbucks in mars for ksr blog

I created a polar-bear from Antarctica with a cool drink because he is from a different part of the world.I did this by using Photoshop and used key tools like the rubber, copy and pasting, layers and so on… I decided to use a polar-bear and a few cool drinks because I wondered how it would look like is a polar-bear was in a unusual place.

The force in the kitchen – Chloe S


I created Yoda in the kitchen. I created this by using photo shop. I used the magic wand tool and the rubber tool. I decided to do this picture because I like Star Wars.

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