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100 WC Challenge by sabrina

One cold winter night I went to watch T.V and, I heard the door bell ring but when I went to open the door there was know one! After 2 hours I heard it again but I didn’t open it ,then there was I cold breeze from the window and it made me shiver. I went to have a look if the window was open but it wasn’t! I was freaked out and I ran up to my mums and dads room but they weren’t there! So I called them and they didn’t pick up but, they normally do I was so scared!! Then I went in my room and I saw a ……….

100 word challenge by Poppy

Yesterday it started to snow and it carried on through the night and it’s still happening now. I wish this weather lasts forever, but I know it won’t. This morning I went outside and picked up a lump of snow, it was cold and it made me shiver. The next thing I knew was that I was in the biggest snowball fight anybody had ever seen. After the snowball fight I caught a cold. The cold I had caught was a very bad cough. I went home only to see a cute puppy with round eyes looking up at me.”WOW!”

100 Word Challenge By Inara Shivji

There was man who fell into the Atlantic Ocean.He dropped like a stone and screamed “Why am I doing this?”.Luckily he fell onto a boat.He was so relieved he was  jumping up and down. He exclaimed”It made me shiver when I was falling of that cliff into the ocean,”. The fisherman called the police but the people who threw that man off the cliff tried to run away.They forgot the way they came up to the top of the cliff.  The police found a way to reach the top of the mountain. The people (who through the man off the cliff) were sent to court.

100 WC – Mr Jones

It was a cold, dark and wet Monday morning. Monday’s were bad enough normally, but today I had to go to the dreaded, evil Dentist – Dr Grimes…

Dr Grimes was perhaps the cruelest and meanest dentist in the world. He took delight in making his patients life a misery, and today it was my turn to suffer.

I arrived, waited nervously for 10 minutes and then it was my turn. Dr Grimes passed me an odd looking, green liquid and said “Drink this, it will sooth your nerves little boy.” I drank it, but it made my tongue tingle and that was the last thing I remember…

100 WC – Isabel

One day I was running home from school, I was running because I felt like I was being followed. Every time when I turned around I saw a shadow, and it was not my shadow. I walked up to the doorstep of my house, I turned around to see if the shadow I saw was still there, it wasn’t there, this was very unusual, when I turned around there was a potion on the doormat which said, DRINK ME. So I picked it up, I drunk it, it tasted nice, but it made my tongue tingle, I knew that this wasn’t right.

100 Word Challenge

I woke up from bed and went down stairs to have my breakfast. Then we went to the milkshake shop and had chocolate flavour . I decided to have chocolate cake with it and it was amazingly nice…but it made my tongue tingle. I don’t know why ? So we went to the perfume shop and I got sprayed in the eye, it really hurt. But then I found out I had to go to a party. I forced my mum to not go to it cause it was about sharks. I don’t like them! But I had to go and swim with one, it nearly bit me!

100 word challenge By Poppy Year 4

It was the first time I had eaten Indian food, and it did’t taste normal, but it made my tongue tingle so much it was like I was in a dream. It was in a restaurant called Indian Delights. When I stepped into the restaurant a wonderful smell filled my nostrils and I felt like I was in a dream. When I got the menu I looked through the masses of unusual foods that I had never tried before. There was a lot to choose from, but in the end I ordered a chicken tikka and a naan bread. I finished it and it was delicious.

100 Word Competition – By Inara, Y4

It was a scorching, hot day and I was going to a fantastic party.  Nearly everyone, that I had invited was coming except one person.When everybody arrived, I was so happy that I got all the presents I wanted. Everybody eat really quickly because they were eager to eat the cake. Mum was so shocked at how long it took for us to eat our lunch. The cake came and it was disaster but it made my tongue tingle.  The reason it was a disaster, because there was icing everywhere and you could see the plain cake underneath.Why did mum  have to do the cake so messily?


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