In the parrot shooter game the parrots reappear when you press a.


What is scratch ?

Scratch is a programming website, where you can make cool games and have fun playing them.

What are algorithms ?

Algorithms are patterns and codes which you use to make your character move about on the screen.

What is debugging and when do you do it ?

Debugging is when you have to replace and fix your mistake.When I made my bat shooting game, I had to use debugging to help  me fix the increase in score , because every bat I hit would be worth ten points, while I wanted every bat to only be five,so i had to go through my script over and over again before finding what i had done wrong.

What did you do well ?

I think i did my car game quite well because I had no debugging to do and I think it worked quite well.

What could you improve on ?

I think I could of made my car game more exciting by adding more details and adding another car .

Do you like using scratch ?

Yes! I do like using scratch. It’s really fun to use, cool to explore and ¬†awesome making my own games.I also think that it was quite fun doing coding and i learnt new things from debugging.