Scratch is a fun way to make games with code for children to get into the habit of using codes.

Algorithms are like a order of things that you do when your making a cup of tea: fill the kettle with water, boil the kettle, get the cup out on the side, put the teabag in the cup, pour the water in to the mug, stir, take the teabag out, add sugar or mil if wanted.

Debugging is when you get the code wrong to how you want it, so you debug it by trying to figure out what you did wrong and to try to make it correct. I did this when i wanted my car to explode.

The car racing game went well I was able to make the cars move and make it a two player game.

The bad things that happened was that I could not find a way to make the car explode when it hit the green.

I enjoined scratch but I found it a bit difficult when i was watching the video of the old scratch.