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Fraser’s scratch projects

My reflections on Scratch programming.

Scratch is a website that can be used to create games with code.

Algorithms is a set of rules and instructions.

Debugging  is when there is a bug (a instruction gone wrong) and you fix it. I had a bug when making ghost killer it made the ammo go down every millisecond I did a simple counter code and fixed it.

I think I made the tank game’s explosion very well it works by scrolling through costumes in milliseconds and makes an animation.

I think I could improve on the cat chase game and make it a bit more fun and enjoyable.

I like using scratch because it challenges the mind and lets you do anything (which is in your skill level).



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  1. Well done Fraser, your projects were great fun! I also enjoyed reading your reflection (although the grammar could have been better). You understand some of the key terms and have been able to write algorithms and debug your code. Some bugs still remain – can you identify them? It was great to see you using variables so well too.

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