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Elizabeth’s Scratch Project

What is scratch?

scratch is a coding website where you can code your own game and play games that other people have made. It is a website that anyone can access.

What are algorithms?

Algorithms is a sequence of instructions that are followed to complete a task when you are coding.

What is debugging and when did I do it?

Debugging is when you have a “bug” in your code and you fix it. I debugged my cars  while I was making my game.

What did I do well?

What I think I did well was the controls of the car it is easy to  use the controls and also simple.

What can you improve?

I think i can improve  by making a start page and I should make the track more even.

Did I like using scratch?

I thoroughly enjoyed using scratch and I think the website is useful and entertaining. It is a fun website for children who are learning how to code.

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  1. Well done Elizabeth, your car game was fun to play and I enjoyed reading your reflection. You understand most of the key terms and have been able to write algorithms and debug your code. However, there a few bugs still remain – can you identify them and debug?

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