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May the kebab be with you….

may the kabab be with you

I got a picture of Yoda and a Kebab and put it over the light saber.

Geckzilla by Georgek

new geckoI used Photoshop to make this gecko or as I call geckzilla because it is big compered to the island. And found fun to make.

Super stunts by Adeolu O


I went on Photoshop and I used the magic wand tool and the lasso tool that’s  how I made this piece of work.

Sky Insect by Inigo B

stick insect inhyper spaceI really thought this was an inspiring   project.  It was fun using all of the cool tools in Photoshop. I wish to do something like this again. I used the magic wand tool and the rubber.

Nothing to recycle here by Francesca

I used Photoshop to make this piece of art work.

BMO in party bus

bmo finished

Panda by Kudzi M


I got a picture and erased part of it.

polar bear

First of all I got three blank layers and turned them on when I had all the pictures.I got a picture of a polar bear and put it onto photo shop. Then I deleted its background using the magic wand tool and did the same with the other layers

Disco puppy-NatashaG

puppy in disco

I used photo shop and pasted pictures and then ad layers . I deleted all the background of the puppy. I think it was good and I like it.

the battle of Hoth but with a massive ant- by Harry S

at at attackto start I used a picture of an AT-AT on Hoth and gradually added the fireball,Bugatti and the ant. I thought the idea of an AT-AT being attacked by an ant would be funny because it would never happen but if it did  the ant would never happen


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