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Scratch is a fun way to make games with code for children to get into the habit of using codes.

Algorithms are like a order of things that you do when your making a cup of tea: fill the kettle with water, boil the kettle, get the cup out on the side, put the teabag in the cup, pour the water in to the mug, stir, take the teabag out, add sugar or mil if wanted.

Debugging is when you get the code wrong to how you want it, so you debug it by trying to figure out what you did wrong and to try to make it correct. I did this when i wanted my car to explode.

The car racing game went well I was able to make the cars move and make it a two player game.

The bad things that happened was that I could not find a way to make the car explode when it hit the green.

I enjoined scratch but I found it a bit difficult when i was watching the video of the old scratch.


George games

Scratch is were you make animations and video games by using code blocks,they are simple but you have to use them right or the game wont work, also in scratch you can post the games you have made. and play games that other people have made,and like them too.

algorithm is what you tell the computer to do and it will do it so if you say move ten steps on sprite 1 then it will move ten steps.

debugging is when there is a problem in the game it an be a big problem or a small problem in the code and you fix it. one time when i did this is when i  when i was making my helicopter game the helicopter was not changing costume and i had to fix it because it was really bugging me so i did hide costume and it worked the helicopter crashed! i did well on the movement of the helicopter and controlling it however, i need to add more cave for the heli copter and i think that will improve the game,also the animations of the helicopter crashing could improve.i like using scratch it is fun and it leads to your imaginatio of what you can do.

Teni’s scratch project

What is scratch?

Scratch is a website for people to learn how to create games and also teaches people how to use codes and to debug.

What are algorithms?

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed codes or other problems(usually used with computers).

What is debugging and when did you do it?

debugging is when you’ve done something wrong in your code and then you correct it.I debugged when my parrots couldn’t disappear.

What did you do well?

I think my shooting parrots went really well because I wasn’t expecting it too actually work but it did.

What could you improve on?

I could improve by actually making the clock WORK.

Did you like using scratch?

Yes,I did like using scratch.

Ruvanthika’s scratch projects


In the parrot shooter game the parrots reappear when you press a.


What is scratch ?

Scratch is a programming website, where you can make cool games and have fun playing them.

What are algorithms ?

Algorithms are patterns and codes which you use to make your character move about on the screen.

What is debugging and when do you do it ?

Debugging is when you have to replace and fix your mistake.When I made my bat shooting game, I had to use debugging to help  me fix the increase in score , because every bat I hit would be worth ten points, while I wanted every bat to only be five,so i had to go through my script over and over again before finding what i had done wrong.

What did you do well ?

I think i did my car game quite well because I had no debugging to do and I think it worked quite well.

What could you improve on ?

I think I could of made my car game more exciting by adding more details and adding another car .

Do you like using scratch ?

Yes! I do like using scratch. It’s really fun to use, cool to explore and  awesome making my own games.I also think that it was quite fun doing coding and i learnt new things from debugging.


WilliamT’s scratch projects

Helicopter Rescue Mission
Parrot Shooter      press a to reset the parrots

what is scratch and what are algorhithms


Scratch is a website for making games from simple code.

Algorithms are lines of code used for websites and games.

Debugging is fixing code that isn’t working, I had to use it when my helicopter didn’t even touch the rocks.

I did well trying to debug my helicopter game

I could improve on my parrot shooter game by making it easier to hit the parrots

I liked using scratch because it is easy to code games



Sabrina’s scratch projects

Reflection on scratch programming:

What is Scratch?

Scratch is website to help kids in school, like KINGS, to do code. You can make games and play games that other people made or maybe your own game.

What are Algorithms?

Algorithms are small bits of code that are used to make things move on the screen.

What is Debugging and when did you do it>

Debugging is when there is a mistake in the piece of code and you fix it, I had to debug many things in my code like in the race car game, it wont move properly, so i still have to debug the code.

What did you do well?

I think i done the game with 2 players very well because i fixed the code and it works like an actual game.

What could i improve on?

I think i can improve on  the car racing game because it’s  still work in progress.

Did you like using Scratch?

I did like using scratch because it helped me improve my Computing skills.

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